19 Jul 2016
Day 5 & 6

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Day 5

The tedious drive down to Cape Point was alleviated by the striking scenery of the coast line and the endless plains of South Africa. We all took this opportunity to take too many photos before we had even arrived at the location. When we arrived at Cape Point the views were more than we had hoped,they were then amplified by climbing up to the lighthouse. We passed the time by taking yet more photos and then it was time to carry on the tour down to the Cape of Good Hope. The beach was another great opportunity to take photos, again, and take in the sights. A short stay and then we were on our way to see the penguins, this was much anticipated by the whole group. The penguins were indeed worth the wait as they adorably waddled and fell occasionally. After tearing ourselves away from the penguins we set off for a quick lunch at a local fish and chip restaurant, where we were joined by a local salesman attempting to climb aboard the coach. Luckily, our driver, Arthur was there to save us and sent the salesman packing. We soldiered on to Table Mountain where the treacherous cable cart panicked a few of the girls. However, once we were at the top is was all worth it, the views over Cape Town were nothing like we had seen before, which of course called for many candid photos.

Day 6

With whale watching being cancelled due to the lack of whales to watch, we instead took a trip to Camps Bay, a small seaside town. Ocean swimming was not an option due to low cloud and the South African winter climate. Instead we purchased a tennis ball and frisbee between the group and had two hours worth of intense, yet friendly competition. Shortly after lunch in the town, we headed back to the hotel for a quick change of clothes into our hockey kit, ready to face a team many of us feared. This fear was mainly due to the fact we had previously attended a training session with their coach, whom had stated his team were second best in South Africa for their age and he, as a coach, tended to focus many of his efforts on intimidation. Sitting in the stands whilst waiting to warm up, we watched a team we presumed to be their 1st XI, which reinstated this fear immensely. Yet once on the pitch and well into the first half of the match, it was clear to see that with the score being equal at 1-1, we were certainly giving them a run for their money. The final whistle blew and with a score of 2-2 on the board there was an awe of achievement and success throughout the whole team. All players tried their hardest to achieve this result and player of the match was awarded to Grace Stubbings.

Authors - Annie, Daisy & Brogan